Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where did the week go

Saturday 8/11, PC 3 hour ride with Shannon B, Brian, Ty and Theresa.

Sunday 8/12, A whole lot of nothing, except brunch at eggs in the city, grocery, cooked dinner, packed.

Monday 8/13, flew to Boston.

Thursday 8/16 1:30 am MST, wake up to catch flight home to SLC. flight lands 10am, home and run some errands. OH YEAH 10 year anniversary, except Lyna has commitment from 7-8. She also found out she was a runner up in PUA's pit contest that day.

Friday 8/17, no workie, Lyna's name in lights I am quite sure i have never been in the MTB round up. Went and hung out at the shop and went and road a lap of the Stan Crane course in Draper. It was hot, dry, sandy and loose. That night off to Akasaka fro Sushi for Nathan's b-day, then to his and Cami's house for cake.

Saturday 8/18 supposed to do 2-3 hours up in PC, pouring rain on the mountain cam, change oo plans, 2 hours in Draper. We get to the parking lot and it is spitting on and off, every one shows up it rains harder and lets up, we take off, rain starts getting heavier, we get just a bit up clarks trail and determine, the mud was too bad, we turn around and head towards the golf course and the trails were awesome, the weather broke and the ride ended up super fun, we climbed up the new singletrack by the air park cut off till it ended, back down, out to the air park and then back down to the pool, down the finish of the XC course and back to the cars. It was Lyna's first mtb ride since the day after Evanston, Ty, Steve, Jim, Shannon, Drew and George where there as well.

tomorrow is 2-3 in PC on Buff trails, yeaaaaaahhhh


UtRider said...

Judging by what I saw up Millcreek this evening the PC trails are going to be fantastic tomorrow. Enjoy and congrats on your 10 year anniversary! It's funny how many people were married this week.

Anonymous said...

moab..... yaaaaah (in the words of primetime) Yaaaah- you goin?