Sunday, November 26, 2006

4 day weekends

Still off the bike, the weather is going to turn for the worse when i get back on, oh well.

Lyna's Grand father passed away Wednesday, she flew to New York Yesterday for the funeral. He was a WWII veteran, Only met him twice, at our wedding and when we were moving her mom into an assisted care facility. Not the best times to meet someone.

Went and watched UtahCX #7. Good times, Kracht tore it up in his first masters race for 3rd. Good thing i didn't race, he would of beat me soundly.

Went and saw Bobby last night, it affected me strongly, a very well done film, who new Emilio had it in him. I was born a few weeks later, I wonder how different the world would be today if that never happened? Would it be better ?(I'd like to think so) Would it be worse? (improbable) would it be the same? (likely)

I'd like to think America would of turned a corner With RFK that it ran from with Nixon and Ford, but maybe I am just fantasizing.

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