Monday, November 06, 2006

Site hits should go up

The Mop linked me, me thinks hits to my assinine site will go up, briefly. What a tangled world we live in.

Vote tomorrow, doesn't matter who for, just vote.

SO I find out today that 2 people I had going to my Boston office for training were turned back by Border Patrol, (apologies to Men at Work) because the agent didn't believe they were going to be trained for 6 months. Great, those 2 got to sit in an airplane for like 60 hours out of a 72 hour period. They had their visas, they went through a U.S. embassy interview, immigration lawyers were all over it. Some agent in the airport decides to make a arbitrary decsion that ends up advrsly affecting not only 2 lives, but the lives of those who they were being trained to relieve, which in the end affects the bottom line, which will end up pissing off customers and investors throughout the world. Unless of course I can pull something out of my ass to cover for it.

So some Agent gets in an argument with there spouse, didn't get cream in their coffee or whatever. The decide that these 2, well documented individuals are some sort of threat and sends them home. I can't believe it. I should believe it though. God Bless the home of the free, so long as you were born here and don't dissent and aren't poor.


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