Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yesterdays State CX race pushed it one week too many for me and my legs. I did like 2.5 hours on bike during the lead up week and had Thursday and Friday off the bike. Friday night was a Sushi orgy at Akasashi for Aron's b-day. My legs were feeling really sore, kind of strange. woke up Saturday a.m. and was feeling unfocused.

Lyna's race started with a first lap digger, she then fought on for 6th place out of 10. Kracht killed it for 1st in the B en, Ryan A finally dropped the Kid for 2nd B men.

I got a call up to the line, as I was sitting in 2nd overall for 35+. Had a decent start, and then almost immediately my chain started ghost shifting. I flailed all over the place on the first lap, Dirk got around me on like the 3rd lap after brake troubles and I then just went backwards after that.

It was nice having people cheer me on during the race, even though I was doing so bad. I think I saw Heather, several teammates, the Sherwin's, Shannon, Jen, Krachty, Ryan and Jenelle. Twitchy even gave me a few pushes up the sidewalk.

I ended up 10th place, after finally switching to the MTB. Looking forward to the off season now, need a break. Hopefully Lyna will be able to do the remaining races on here new LandShark CX bike.

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