Friday, May 25, 2007

Stan Crane Memorial PreRide

<<----That is Stan, rippin the DH at Snowbird in 2005, the race is in his honor, so come on out, his family and friends will all be there.

The course is good, don't let the haters fool you, it has a little bit of everything. fire road climbs, fast buff descents, slow sandy descents, BBQ alley, road crossings and a few water crossings.

Yep, i like the fire road climb, and it is likely the race will be made here. BIG RING IT.

Racing a course that does not suit your strengths makes you harder and stronger, don't complain, rip it up! We ride bikes worth thousands, we are not victims, we are blessed with family, friends and various levels of ability.

Last night we had a large group out there on the course, from pro's to baggy short wearing rigid ss'ers, to 8 year old kids, awesome.

I have been following the Bear Lake result issue, man what a mess, I feel sorry for everyone, racers, officials, promoters etc.. there does not seem to be a good way out, of course team Telekom has found a way out,

See ya all on Monday.

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Forrest said...

I think its going to be a fun race. Plus you cant complain when a race is close to the city! Maybe you could give us a history lesson on what happened to Stan Crane. I had no idea who this race was in honor of.

Team Rico said...

I was a hater, now I'm a believer. Good course