Monday, May 14, 2007

Resty Resty

So had a nice weekend of riding and chillin.

Friday after work, I headed down to the Corner Canyon area to ride the Stan Crane Memorial Race course, Wow that is going to be a rough one for everyone. Close to 1300 feet of climbing in the first 4 miles of a 9.5 mile lap, followed by a fun 1.5 mile or so downhill on clarks trail, it then rolls a bit on the shoreline trail before crossing the street a dh'ing through the golf course on a skinny exposed trail with a very tight switchback midway down, it then crosses another street and drops down between peoples back yards to highland drive for a .75 mile grind back to the start finish. I did 2 very slow laps in the heat of the evening and it leaves me wondering what sadism Ed has in store for us memorial day, 3 laps will be brutal. Here is the elevation profile of 2 laps, I got kind of turned around on the first lap.

Saturday i was planning on a road ride up to big mountain, as i decided to bag Lava Rama. I got out the door around 11 or so, just so it would heat up enough for me. I needed to do a 10 minute effort and failed after 7 minutes, still feeling the effects of whatever hit me Wednesday and Thursday, made it a bit above Affleck park before i headed home. Ran into Chan on the way to the start of Emi canyon. Saw Stormin heading up the canyon, saw BZ and chatted for a while in the construction zone, then saw Jen a the mouth of the canyon.

Saturday night was a nice dinner at y 'bosses' (she hates it when i call her that, but she is) her and my former bosses were in town for the week and wanted to see us all, we had 10 former employees (including Lyna) and 3 current ones there, it was nice and fun and kind of sad, reminded me of how the place used to be more of a family. 9 years of my life so far, that is a long time.

Sunday i headed up to PC to meet with Krachty to do a few hours on the Glenwild trail system, we climbed the front side, dropped down the north side and took a left on Cobblestone, we then took the new trail and it climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed, we then started descending and ended up on the 24-7 connector, happy in the knowledge that we just found out about more trails miles of fun and relative solitude. Here is a link to the ride info. After the ride in the parking lot we ran into Pepe, The Deer Mouse and FOF Ron, who I had no idea was in town. They all gave me shit for not calling them. I then came home and napped, did a bit of yard work and then watched the Return of the King for the 50th time and grilled Garlic, Jalapeno burgers and corn on the cob for dinner.

Yep, my life sucks, really it does.

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Utah Mnt biker said...

Rest is good. Sometimes it's just good to get off the bike and decompress otherwise you burn out.