Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a sit at my desk trying to figure out just what to eat 3-4 hours before race time, when my famous (or soon to be) Bisquick waffles mixed with Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk (Thats for you BZ) are out of the question, mostly cause th waffle maker would not go over well with Larry Miller and his cronies, who own my Office Tower. I get an email from a teammate which directs me to this.

Oh thank goodness, my favorite race and course will be salvaged, positive energy, oh yeah.


Utah Mnt biker said...

The real question is will the Wednesday night series be able to start in a month?

Andy H. said...

The lower trails could be dry in a month with some warm temps. If we ever get them.

Aaron said...

I was hoping for a link to a press release stating that Green Valley wouldn't be developed. Oh well, this will have to do.