Thursday, May 29, 2008

He Cheated

I am not making this up, by his own admission. He is a cheat. But he had a strong day, which makes me happy for him. Now about the dang chest and back sign. I'm 'flattered????' or maybe scared.

Notice me hanging my head in shame.... (stolen from Fatty)

BZ asked me earlier

Were you shredding the nar?

My answer

On lap 1(I was), on lap 2, due to almost dying on lap one, I cruised daintily down Clark's, and on the golf course section the conga line of Sporto’s kept me from my game.

I must say, everyone and I mean everyone had issues on the the post Full/Half lap merge, so no benefit or loss there.

I went out hard, Duh, shouldn't of, duh, but on the first long climb, he who cheats and Chris Bingham had a small gap on Fred and I. Fred dropped off a bit, I kept passing some 30-39 and 19-29 experts, towards the top I saw a Porcupine jersey behind me and thought it might be Daren or Warsocki. I Hit the Clark's Descent and soon got on Scott W's wheel, he then proceeded to go off course into the weeds in a corner, soon after on the left hander with the rock, i almost did the same. Before that Chris Bingham was off course with a flat. Then it was me letting Rico around, who was the aforementioned Porcu rider I saw. We spent the rest of that lap close getting stuck behind a few other riders for a bit etc...

I Saw, he who cheats, as I was riding over the tunnel, he was entering the tunnel, about 30 seconds down at this point. I thought I could get him. I climbed the long climb pretty well, and then proceed to do the dainty clarks dh, I checked the gps track and lap 1 I cleared the DH with traffic and a near fatal dismount in 3 minutes 15 seconds, on lap 2, with no traffic and no dismounts it took me @40 seconds more. so yeah, um, could of done that faster, and then the other DH's had me stuck, liek everyone else.

Either way, i don't think I would of caught, he who cheats. He had a great day, and that damn sign.

for Dr Cross, ave hr was 170. Max 183

Oh yeah, in some strange twist of fate, PRO was my water bottle bitch.

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