Sunday, June 01, 2008

Feeling the Sundance DH

Saturday am was good, I was able to make my Chocolate Milk waffles and as Kathy has said before, I was hungry, which is good.

There were around 15 or so of us at the start line, including Kenny, who bagged the grand loop event due to snow. I took off easier than normal, almost took a wrong turn towards the top of the pavement, Kenny and Chris got around me there, some where on archies, Kenny was n the side of the trail, he got right back on, a bit later, his chain snapped, Fred was a bit behind and so was Jack, when we hit the dirt rode climb towards the top, i saw Chris motoring away and only Jack on my tail. We got to the top of the course in about 21.5 minutes and I knew it was going to be a good race for me, the changes to the course removed about a half a mile or so and some steep grades.

The DH was ripping, Jack said I dropped him hard on the first DH, around 10 minutes later I was climbing back up the road, when I went through the feed zone, I saw Chris towards the top and new i had to keep it steady and hope for the best, I kept picking off other experts and then towards the top started lapping riders, I DH'd about 30 seconds faster on lap 2 and hit the road with a good gap on the chasers, although Chris was long gone. I made good time threw much more lapped traffic, dh's consistently and came through in second.

I am sure Kenny would of killed it without the broken chain, but all those watts and no shifting probably works a chain hard.

The smile on my face shows how much I was feeling the DH. BK was absent, must of been a post endorphin hangover or some such.

Met up with Mikey Likey Bikey this afternoon for a lap of part of the DV course, it too is in good shape, some snow patches remain, lots of scary downed trees sticking out of corners and the finish singletrack is not built yet, ran into to Heinrich who showed a few of us where it would go, my legs were fried and I barely made it home with out falling asleep at the wheel.

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