Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm sleepy

Saturday got up at 5am for Waffles, Lyna and I rolled out to DV at 6:35. Ouch. There were 12 of us, only 2 other Utah racers I raced smart and pushed hard and I won by about 2 minutes.
Lap Times

I then spent the rest of the day watching the Pro Women and Men race, Lyna was taking photos for MTBRaceNews and so I just cheered people on. The Utah women all did great, Kathy had a DNF due to a broken bike, Holmes was scratching on a Podium till she had a mechanical, she ended up 14th, KC did great for her first PRO race in 15th, Jen had a carreer best 19th followed by the honor of being one of the random USADA controls, which meant I got to feed Shannon for his first time through the feed zone, cause having to pee in a cup after racing for 2+ hours in 90+ degrees takes a while.

In the pro race Alex G took an awesome 11th, BZ held on for a strong 27th, and Shannon pushed through to for 41st

I went up and watched the STXC today and Kathy and Heather had a great battle for the last podium spot, Kathy took 5th, good show, after a rough spring and rough week. Heather was in 4th about 1/3 of the way through the race and went down hard on the pavement, the fact that she pushed through to come back to 6th place is awesome and shows that she is in form.


Forrest said...

Only 2 utah racers in the field? Wow its a sad day when the ICUP has bigger fields than a National.

StupidBike said...

since the Icup is not USA Cycling sanctioned, few Utah experts have licenses and to race Expert you have to have an annual license, which is dumb. but it is what it is.

anywho the combined 40-44 45-49 groups was about 20 which is bigger than the average Icup 40+ group.

KC said...

didn't erika powers from revolution also win her category? Congrats Erika!

KanyonKris said...

Congrats on the win!

drrna said...

You da man, good job.