Sunday, June 08, 2008


I knew the course would be fine, rain, snow whatever. A shortened race was just what I needed post week in NYC.

I started in the front, got a small gap going up little stick and really it was done from there, was picking off other category riders throughout the race. Had a verbal spar with a Aggressive SS racer who wanted me to meet him by the ballpark after school, he didn't show.

Caught up to the caveman coming through the lap, and this helped give me some motivation to keep pushing. Saw Tim on the single track climb to little stick and new i had at least a minute on him and that held to the finish. Win #2 2008.  Tim had a great day to hold onto 2nd place.

Lyna woke up and decided to race, she signed up for 35+ then moved to sport women when she found out the distance was the same. She ended up in 3rd, which is awesome. Her leg issues have kept her from the races and even training thus far, that was a good result. The top 3 in her group were all within a minute, 2nd was 8 seconds ahead, and 4 of the top 6 were Revolution/Peak Fastener Ladies. Superflys better half had a great 1st sport class race for 6th.


Anonymous said...

congrats! Sorry I missed the big win:)

UtRider said...

Nice! Glad to hear you didn't have to knock any heads after the race. Don't people know about your MMA background? You're the last person I'd pick to mess with at a race.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

who was the 1 speeder, i'll be your body guard.

Anonymous said...

No props for the support crew?! I think that bottle handoff was probably pretty key to your success ;-) Nice win! Oh... and if you need some muscle that is extra!