Monday, June 16, 2008

No race weekend and Summer Time

It was very nice to have a race free weekend. I had only 1 day off the bike all week, and Wednesday nights race was extra painful. BK put about 4 minutes on me in a 1 hour race. Thursday and Friday were easy road spins, except Thursday I went up emi too hard, not race pace, but too hard for how my legs felt.

Saturday was the team ride up in Jeremy Ranch, 2.5 hours of fun. Nice easy pace, with regroups and giggly downhills, ran into the Porculized crew midway in. Jim and Lyna were the odd ones out, not wearing their team kits, anarchists!

That evening we headed to the Hypio's for a BBQ, it was a good time, the mtb'ers turned roadie regaled us with tails of the asphalt. TC was all giddy about her impending solo Dolomite rides.

Then everyone sang to me. Nice photo (notice the sunburn, apparently Kroger brand sunscreen is not sweat proof.) Thanks for embarrassing me.

Sunday I met up with Jen and Shannon and we headed out from their house to do a nice long dirt ride, they were planning on 5 hours, I was planning on turning around when tired, we headed up emi, left into pinecrest, right onto killyons lane the 'rode' up killyon's, well we hiked a lot. We then bombed down to Affleck park and up the trail to big mountain, I turned around there and headed home , down mormon pioneer then out on the road home. Nice 3+ hour ride. Like the elevation profile, ouch.

Then I mowed the lawn and talked to dad.

Very nice weekend.

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