Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wednesday Nighter at Sundance Resort

Ty and I headed down for the race, We did 1 lap of Saturdays Intermountaincup race course. It climbs 1100 feet in 7 miles and it hurt. The start up the paved road was good, the fasties went off and i settled into the second group. Dropped some single track and then got to the rolly section, i caught up to a few guys here and got around them, later while i was maxed out on the HR, i blew a corner and 3 guys got around me, i then went into a ditch and lost contact, held of the 2 guys charging behind me by the finish, 40 minute lap time. I think i was the first old guy with a job. That is nice.

That course s sweet and come Saturday there will be some serious pain.


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