Sunday, May 07, 2006

5 Mile Pass 2006

Well, big hours in the weeks leading up, gymon Tuesday, intervals on Thursday, felt good and ready to go on Saturday. This race brings out lots of fromer pro's and semi pro's to the expert 30 somthin class. Fox, made it out, read his report at his site. Racer was there. A few others remain nameless. This is a long race, 33 miles of rollers and a nice hike a bike per lap. We had the softest start ever, we just kind of rolled out. A mile in it got hot. I had 2 real good laps, averaged around 47-48 minutes. The last lap I just imploded. I fed well, drank well, I just didn't have anything left. 3 rollers to the finish DH, Racer is coming up on me, he got by me on the second to last roller, I get on his wheel and attack him on the last one at the top, now there is about 3/4 mile dh, as I was going by him, I think I literally whimpered. I held him off to the finish line, Man I was really hoping to just roll on in, and he made me work for it, well I guess I had something left.

Today, for a 'recovery' spin I went to the top of Big Mtn, looks like they have plowed it up, won't be long till they open the gate, snpw still covers the road in Morgan County though.

Nothing like a 40 mile recovery ride with around 4500 feet of climbing.

Next week is Lava Hot Springs, sweet, I am the defending champ, of course, a whole lot more will be there racing this year.

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