Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Pulled a Kramer

I am an idiot....

KRAMER: Commando 8 has arrived!

JERRY: Take it to the window.

KRAMER: 12.000 BTU's of raw cooling power.

(Kramer places the air conditioner in the window)

KRAMER: Installed!

GEORGE: That's it? You don't have to screw it in or anything?

KRAMER: No, just plug it in and the Commando 8 does the rest. (And to Jerry:) I'll seal that up later, right?
ELAINE: Yeah, he's got a real horse face. (Elaine, while looking out the window:) Here, look at this! It's the guy with the dog! (She opens the window and screams:) Hey! You down there! Remember me? I had to get shot because of your stupid dog!

DOG OWNER: Who are you calling stupid?

JERRY: Hey, shall we spit on him?

ELAINE: No no no no, come on, let's go downstairs.

(Kramer enters the apartment)

KRAMER: (Singing:) Oh myyyy papayaaaa.

(The air conditioner wobbles)

KRAMER: The air conditioner!

(Kramer tries to keep it from falling by holding it's cord, but it snaps)

KRAMER: I think it got the dog!

I am just grateful Home Depot has a sense of humor and a nice return policy and thatthe only thing affected was the foliage.

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