Thursday, May 18, 2006

Soldier Hollow Wednesday Night Series

Ty and I headed up for the sub hour throw down, said it was 64 in Heber, more like 84. So there was a large group of 'Experts' and we went out for one lap of Saturdays XC course, Chucky G wanted to do more, the rest of us said no. The pace was high from the start, Ty, Brandon, Alex and some other guy took a short detour 5 minutes in, only to turn around and pass all of us. BP was ripping it and ended up 2nd, I was somewhere around 8-10. Brian G, BartManG's bro, and I were battling most of the race, he got me in the end, 42.5 minutes for one lap and I was blown, the new singletrack at the top of the winding climb is nice, the descent will be brutal in the race, dusty as can be. A few change ups when the lap closes out, not so many climbs, there is the climb I'll call Chucky's climb that is still in it. 2 years ago, 1/8 of a mile from the finish he laid down an decided to DNF there.

It was fun, I think I'll keep doin it.

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