Thursday, May 04, 2006

Repetitive Motion Disorder

So, another day and anothe shoreline loop. I don't know why I would complain, from my door to the zoo rip over to City Creek on Dirt and then back to my door, around 20 miles, 1/2 on dirt, in a city, but it is getting a bit old, rode with Lyna, C-Dog and Jerry, Trail was in good shape. The F4000 showed up, rumor has it that it is built. I am hoping 5 mile pass got some rain, I don't like dust too much. Speaking of 5 mile, Fox, you gotta come out, if anything it will be a good work out.

So our govenor has decided to batttle obesity in Utah, that is admirable, but really how hard is it to realize tht to loose weight and be healthy one should a. eat healthy and b. excercise. It isn't rocket science, ok, enough of that.

Good luck to Ty, Bart, Shannon and Jen, Chris and Kathy and everyone else going to Fontucky (Yeah I am from Kentucky, so I can say Fontucky with Pride) For everyone else see you at 5 mile, or not.

BTW, Bart, you got some press in the May 8th Velonews print article about the endurance series, Course record for the E100, yeaahhh.

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