Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hammerfest report.

Here is the generic race report, may be familiar to a few of you, this is pretty much every race for me to a certain degree, the fall back may happen sooner or later.

The first lap I was in 5th, behind 4 guys who pass most of the pro’s, on the second lap reality set in and I fell back to 15th, on the 3rd lap, I woke up and moved up to 11th. It hurt, it was hot and bike racing is dumb, when’s the next one?

The real one;
So, the race started with about 15 or so of us in the expert 30-39 group. I had fully planned on burning 45 minute laps, bringing me in at about 2:15, nice math. I started out easy, as the steep pavement climbs at the start tend to be a great place to blow up. Going into the single track, i was about 14th, made my way up a bit on the first double track, slowed down a bunch of people on the first short drop. Then got past more people on some climbs, Into the longish single track climb, I was in a group with my teammate, rich, who ended up 4th, we got stuck behind a nice long paceline of Juniors, rhythm at this point is lost, I get around a few of them, but as I was the last to do it, I lost contact with my category, so the rest of the lap is mostly DH, which I suck at this year. But most of it is on double track, which i don't suck at. 1st lap i come in at about 41 minutes, which is a minute and a half FASTER than the one lap race I did on Wednesday, oops. So several people pick me off ont he second lap, stomach cramps, total meltdown. that lap was like 48 minutes, yeah nice consistency. So, I make it my goal on the 3rd lap not to get passed again and to pass at least one of the guys who got me. on several of the short climbs I see Derrick is struggling, so I figure I'll slowly reel him in and attack before the single track climb, coming up one of 3 rollers before the single track I attack, and it sticks. I see Newby, not too far ahead and try to put short spurts in, I close the distance, but then we get to the single track descent, and as I said before, I suck, so he put a few minutes on me there. I ended up averaging 47 minute laps, considering the first one was blazing, I figure i did well, why the hell do i keep doing that?

On a related note, how fast does one have to be before they move up a category? I'm just asking.

Oh yeah, I was the 5th or 6th expert 35-39 if this was a national, so I got that going for me.

Lyna took 11th as well after a week feeling under the weather, but as she says, I finished.

We are the king and queen of 11th.

Turn it up to 11.

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