Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sundance SPin race report.

Woke up Saturday morning, not feeling so well, churning stomach, no hunger and dreading the race. It was going to be the first climbing race of the year and that usually bodes well for me. I met Newby for breakfast and came home to grab a few thins. On the way to Sundance my belly was not feeling right, I parked it and got dressed, warmed up for about 40 minutes and lined up. We had a pretty good size category a bit over 20 including the pro women.

The start was not to bad, we climbed and I was in the top10, Racer took a flyer and got in front for the single track. He set the pace in the section that I had hoped to hammer through, my HR was probably at about 70% at this point, lots of people were grumbling, slowly a few of us started to get around him and gaps started opening up. Somewhere close to the top I got around Rich, who seemed to be struggling, we then star going on the DH. I let Rich around me about halfway down, then a bit later I let Newby and Sam around. 1st lap was under 40 minutes, faster than the Wednesday nighter 1 lap, even with the slow down at the start.

Lap 2 I get to the singletrack section and plan to put the hammer down again. Jack gets around me (40+ expert) then slows down, I eventually get around him but lost some of my push, passed Newby and Sam again, they pass me on a short DH as does Mark. I get pass Sam again and leave him behind. Brad and Mark DH right in front of me and I catch back on on the climb going into the 3rd lap.

I was feeling pretty good and wanted to get by both of them and put some distance on them, as they DH better, I got around them, but could not hold them off too much, started catching some of the slower sports on their 2nd lap and this helped keep them on me. The get around me on the short DH again and I can’t get back on on the last part of the climb, I am blown.

On the last DH I blow a corner and lose some time, and come in a minute or down on both of them for 9th. Pilling got 3rd, Rich got 4th.

The winner and 2nd place may have been in the wrong category, as both of them have raced pro on the mountain in the last 3 or 4 years and done well. I’m just saying.

I was only 5 minutes behind Pilling, which is better than the 20+ a few races ago. I care more about that than placing, time from the winners means more to me. And yes Fox, I didn’t win, but I felt great about my race and finish.

Today was a ‘rest’ day, house and yardwork and general sitting around.

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