Monday, June 05, 2006

The thing about me

I spend 40 hours a week trying to figure out how to fix and make better very complex systems, so when it comes to play time, the bike, the blog, life in general, i tend to ramble on in a very inarticulate and non-sensical manner, just ask those who have spent any time with me, Ty, good choice, cause he works with me as well, Blake, Warren, Chad, etc... I'd say my wife, but she seems to understand my madness.

Keep that in mind when you read this site. And realize that i am as harmful as a gnat smoking dope.

Anonymous, man you are harsh, yet you seem to keep coming back. Like crack isn't it.

Rode up and over Little mountain tonight, the temp was very nice up there. Saw BartmanG and his family hiking down canyon. Glad to see him moving around after his scare on Saturday. That freaks me out, I dont think I'll ever do the Nova Dessert Classic again, my shoulder will thank me, high speed digger, alone in the desert for 2 hours before they came, got me and made me walk out. Ty going by me 3 times, wondering what i was doing, finally throws a bigair and tube at me. I always pictured that big air exploding from heat while someone was riding by.

So i am a little slow on the DH, well, yeah, so. I know my limits and the risk vs reward most days just ain't worth it.

Looking forward to DV on Saturday, that course is always a good lung/leg burnin time.

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