Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Sans race

Decided to not do the 12 hr race, solo,duo or quad, last year Chad, Rich, Reed and I threw down 15 laps and won the overall. Instead Saturday, Ty and I went up to Deer Valley to ride the Pedalfest course, we got a goo 2:45 in with a few good race pace climbs.

Saturday Evening went up to BZ's for a nice BBQ, Fox has some photos. Eric Jones was putting the hurt on everyone laying 5 up in the back yard, he was on the ground more than an Italian soccer player, pushing peopleout of the way, elbows flynig, It is funny watching a bunch of skinny cyclists fight to catch a football.

Sunday, lyna and I rode at deer valley, the Bull Elk gave me a possible Norba DV Marathon route, so we tried it out.

Snow Park up tour des homes to silver lake, on mid-mountain up tour de suds connect to team big bear then on the flagstaff loop, on to deer camp then down naildriver back to silverlake, up and over 4 points to deer crest and finally hook up with the pedal fest course. 3.5 hours later we determined that...

Halfway up tourde suds the trail turns into a big dead fall bulldozed slope. When you get close to where suds meets teambig bear it is all construction zone, I'm thinking this is not the course.
Flagstaff and deer camp where fun. At the top of nail driver we helped a Chicago girl who ate it hard on a little jump. Lift accessed dh is dangerous. We then hit a few of the bridge and ladder tricks towards the bottom of Naildriver.

Good and tired.

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