Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday Night

Left work early to go to the SL County Council meeting and the public meeting on the Emigration Trails Master plan. There was a lot of support there for the Counties preffered plan, which includes a mid north slope trail. There were trail experts, residents and users all there to speak on behalf of this plan. Those apposed to that one trail only had to say that it was hot and long and shaley as a argument against. Kind of weak. It will be a long process to design and build, but the future looks bright. Chek out this site.

Afterwards BartG and I rode from my house to his. He lives up in that canyon and it was a nice grind, We hit the Training Compound East stealth single track on our road bikes afterwards. Then I limped home.

Solitude tonight, gonna see if the Scalpel still works.

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