Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where have you been?

So long time no posting. Last Wednesday i did the Sundance race. I got 4th, but that is a bit slippery. Chucky and the Wonder Pony put a bucket of beer and soda at the top of the climb and most everyone chugged one or the other at the top, not me, i kept riding on by. That was some funny shit. Shannon B took 3rd ahead of me, he chugged some soda. Said he was a bit bloated afterwards.

Thursday flew to SeaTac and drove to Gig Harbor, I swear i always feel lethargic at sea level. Friday we just hung out and went out for an awesome dinner overlooking the harbor. Saturday we went to Brunch with the Groom (who was our best man) and his buddies from Anchorage. Then we went kayaking in Gig Harbor for a few hours, very relaxing. The wedding was Saturday evening and was very nice and low key.

Sunday we went to brunch and the brides parents house and then headed to Seattle to check out the Public Market, Throwing Fish etc... Monday we went to the EMP and flew home. Ready to ride again, ready to ride.

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