Monday, October 20, 2008

Flat, Straight

I agree that CX courses need straightaways, but almost a miles worth, come on. I had fun for 40 minutes riding alone due to being the last one off the line, stuffed into a metal pole and off the back. the last 20 minutes was slow, parade waves and crowd heckling. I really enjoyed the way we used part of the steeplechase course.
photos stolen from TC
The Father in law visited all weekend, it was a nice visit. He cooked for us a few nights and we mostly just relaxed.

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Forrest said...

I loved how half of my field would cut the course when you got back on the pavement from the dirt road. Arent you suppose to go around the orange cone instead of cutting short 50 yards of the course everytime? I just want a lap long enough so I dont get lapped.