Sunday, October 12, 2008

I don't get out much

Thursday nights ride set precedent. Friday was to be the Pilling's going away party at the Pogues. Lyna and I picked Ty up and headed down. There were a lot of folks there and good food and fellowship. Brad and Toni were milling around saying their goodbyes. We stayed as the crowd thinned and sat around with Ty, Rich, Greg, Jamie, Brad and I recounting how we all met, races we had done. The origins of 'Try Harder' etc.... It was bittersweet, well it was sad. I really don't know what else to say about it. I hope they get back here in 2 years. I hope we make some summer trips to calgary to race/ride with them. It sucks.

photo courtesy of Todd Neumarker

Saturday was the Heber CX race. I was under-motivated for the race, Tired and almost cranky pre-race. I warmed up with Rich listening to 80's music on 1st Wave and Embrocated again. The wind was howling and cold, but it was dry. I botched the start because my rear wheel was in really soft soil. I was gapped immediately. The head wind sections were brutal on me, although I was able to pull people back on the tailwind sections. My back was starting to hurt. My first goal was to hold Pratt off and then my second goal was to pull Jay back. I f I would of had a few more laps I may of been able to get Jay. But I ended up 11th out of 12 finishers. My Hr climbed but I had no zing in the legs for the race. Post race MK figured out why my back hurt, my tires had about 50-60 pounds of pressure in them. Dumb.


UtRider said...

It was worth it if only for that sweet picture. I guess it's hard to get excited about racing cross unless it's pounding rain or snow and the course is a muddy mess...

MtbAllDay said...

Maybe we should try 70's music next week.