Sunday, October 05, 2008

Verrah Nice.

We had planned on having the Revolution-Peak Fasteners end of MTB season BBQ at the 1st cx race of the year.  My evil plan was to get more teammates hooked. That and people could go ride trails if they wanted to. Well Mama Nature had CX in mind. It pissed rain all day long. I stopped by the shop to get a C-Dale Canopy to warm up under and MK and I did one lap before the A women. 35+B men went off.

The course was sweet, lots of dirt, a nice off camber slick DownHill (see photo from Forrest below) and a long paved climb. We warmed up under the canopy and embrocated again.

We had quite a large group at the start, looked to be over 20, BK even joined us. I lined up on the front row next to the Throttle.  We were off and I found myself climbing at the front and comfortable, until we came over a little rise and the headwind hit, I slowed and finally someone came around, I tucked into 5th wheel and then on the DH and right turn into the horse corrals about 4 more got by me.  That section got me every time.  The first lap was pretty tight, until the barriers, where I got gapped due to the run up, which I suck at. That gap was decisive. I was alone on the road climb, into the headwind, no good. On lap 2 I dropped a chain on the singletrack climb.  I kept going and slugged through, I grabbed wheels when I could and got around the doc, MK, Freebairn and Iltis with 2 to go, I built a gap and was feeling it. At the bottom of the reservoir on the last lap I dropped the chain again, Iltis got around me and that is how we finished.  Gotta move that 3rd eye in closer to hold the chain on.

Great course, huge turn out, good times. Nice jobs out to Tanner on his win and Pepe' on his.

Dr, the HR climbed through the race, I just can't upload it. Charging to the front was fun, but dumb, a few too many matches. That DH into the horse corrals ate my lunch all day, no speed at all. The crowd at the top of the runup was great.  I'm sure they did it for others, but at one point there was a large group chanting 'Bob--Bob--Bob--Bob-Bob'  So I gave them the Royal Wave.  Good times.

More Photos

Evil Run up from Jenelle

I'M WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

one picture is the proof!

drrna said...

That was pretty fun, I guess. Way to come on strong toward the end, that's when it matters.

I'm going to have to consult my coach, and come up with a plan for a 1-hour race.