Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm going to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around.

We got married in a fever....

4 days in Jackson, Teton village area, good times. Ty, Erika, Chad, Ron, Kary and Ramsey. Friday was a pre-ride of the Taming the Tetons course, Saturday A.M. was the race. My first lap and even the second, I felt sluggish, no desire to push, then I finally woke up, pushed it and caught up to Paz, he still beat me though, some Colorado hairy legged altitude freak won. Lyna rode a super strong race after a not so good pre ride, she lost contact with 3rd place while letting pro's around her (she is learning, don't get off your bike) Almost beat 3rd at the lne though in a sprint, maybe 20 more feet she would of been able to do it.

Saturday night we all went to the Mangy moose to see some rockabilly band, was pretty fun, the Bull Elk met some girl from California.

Sunday, Ramsey and Kary guided us in their 30 year old raft down the Snake River, The lone casualty was my Peak Fasteners hat. Charlie (the girl Chad met the night before) went with us and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend with us. After rafting we went to have burgers and then just chilled at the condo.

Monday, Lyna and I drove around Teton National Park a bit, took some photos and ccame home.

Photos will be added later.

Great trip.


Utah Mnt biker said...

I can't believe the bull elk actually talked to a female without scaring her off! If it wasn't 100 here I would have thought the hell had frozen over.

Anonymous said...

Best course of the season! Jennie scares me....getting a black eye to make revolution proud! Eeeee!