Sunday, July 08, 2007


2 weeks in a row of leading most of the race, this week i led for over 75% of it, my lap times were consistent, i fed and drank ok, but probably not enough. Tim had a stellar ride charging hard at the end. It was dry and dusty and oh, yeah, HOT. 1:30 race time is no good, Kathy you are nuts to like it. Lyna got her first top 3 in sport and missed the ceremony. She was feeding me at the time. The grille was not grilling when the Pro/Experts got done, so i waited till SLC to eat.

I am amazed my lap times were so consistent, cause those last 2 laps I felt completely blown. My HR was through the roof, heat and lack of recovery DH will make that happen.

Warren, I gave you the double bird.

Got up early this am to do the crest with the Redrock gang, they shuttled and rode to a friends house in Sugarhouse, I turned around part way down Big Water when I ran into Lyna, she turned around at the spine and we met up at REI later. Nice and cool up there, but it was a zoo of people, funny thing was after the spine on my way back to Guardsmans, I only ran into like 4 people, weird.

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Utah Mnt biker said...

I'm just glad I didn't have to go out at 1:30. Everyone looked blown on their last couple of laps.