Sunday, July 29, 2007

PC Perfect 10

I was support again. The course was fun, for a lap or 2, but 800+ feet of climbing per 4.25 mile lap adds up over time. Lyna did awesome, she was hanging with the Xfusion/Kenda pro rider for 5 or 6 laps, not even knowing that was the winning spot, she faded a bit, but ended up in second, her and Drew'Diesel' rode together for most of the race, encouraging each other through the rough spots. Drew took 4th in solo men, Jerry took 3rd.

I will have some photos up tonight.

Friday i went to do my 10 minute effort, did it up Big Cottonwood, was 8 minutes in on the storm mountain steep section and felt like i was having a heart attack, finished it up and took me 20 minutes to feel normal, the rest of the ride was un-eventful.

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