Sunday, July 15, 2007

3 weeks in a row

Always a bridesmaid...

I really had a great race, my time was over 6 minutes faster than last year, lap times were 22,23,24,24, 4th lap was actually 17 seconds faster than 3rd, even with lots of lapped traffic to get around. I fed well, paced well and went down the evil moon dust DH well, Paz charged hard at the end and got by me with less than 5 minutes left in the race, he got me by 16 seconds. SO I lead for much longer and made very few mistakes. that course is brutal, yet I like it.

Fox brought the Techno beats, some good cheering and laughs. Lyna had a good race, taking 15 minutes off of last year, even though she spent hours on our roof the past week in 100+ degree temps.

Went to Porc Grille with BZ, Elena, Beano, Pepe' afterwards, mmmm good sandwich.

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I think this will make you chuckle.