Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Surreal World

Heading to St. George Friday AM, maybe hook up with Bart, Fox and who knows who else.

So life is full of wonders and oddities, I like it that way though. Fox is selling his life, in order to give part of it away, what if you just give away jerseys, shorts, drive trains and handlebars downtown, that would be interesting.

Groenendaal is getting lots of play for his salute to a teammate last week. I gotta tell you the World Cup Belgium Cross Scene is like some sort of Reality Show gone bad. Last night I watched to Mens World Champs race in its entirety here. Page was sooooo close to winning that thing, one bobble on a steep up and that was it, he had a 3 to 4 second gap on most of the last lap, crazy. Oh yeah, Bart Wellens is still a wuss.

Booked my travel for NMBS 1 in Phoenix, exercise the demons of the dislocated shoulder I will. I did not do the frozen hog, I was sawing logs at start time. I don't need any excuse to try too hard in February, plus I woulda had to race against Bart, Sager and Fox among others.

Looking into getting a set of these built up for the hardtail with Stans rims, should be sweet.

I have successfully lost my digital camera, so no pictures, but who wants to see pictures of me riding a trainer, I mean, if you are that interested, I'll give you my address and you can join me in the basement, however it has been warm enough in SLC to ride outside.

I have noticed a proliferation of Blogs discussing how cold it is, Not that I am an award winning scribe, but, um, yeah, it is winter, it gets cold sometimes.

3.5 weeks to the first race. There is a south wind, the smog has kind of lifted, but eff it, I'm heading south, cause, you know, it is cold out.

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Utah Mnt biker said...

Good weekend to head south. It's supposed to rain in the north. Glad to hear you are going to attempt that Phoenix course again.