Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Its warm, no its cold, its warm , no thbbbbtttt!

Yet I still rode outside, Saturday was a ride out to the international center, disappointment at the frontage road being torn up, ride around empty warehouses for a while, then head home. Good times

Sunday Lyna and I actually had the same day off work together, so we headed out for brunch at Oasis, then she disappeared into Golden Braid. Shannon B called me and said that he was going to ride with Ty. I found Lyna and we went home to go our separate work out ways. I met up with Jen, Shannon and Ty on my road bike, they were on their MTB's, I felt like the fat kid nobody wanted on their team, but we had a good ride anyway.

This weekend, I am going to Saint George to ride my bike, I think I am lining up for a race as well.

Looking forward to trails again.

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