Monday, March 05, 2007

First race weekend 2007

Lyna and I left Thursday after work for saint george. We got there around 10:30 unpacked and went to bed, woke up lat morning and prepped for a noon 30 pre ride.Lyna was riding her new bike on dirt for the first time, which meant it was going to be her first dirt ride.

I did 1 and a half laps and ran into some riff-raff while out there.

That evening Swatch's boy made a bunch of us some homemade sketti sauce dinner, he said that since he wasn't racin he would be our cook, nice.

The race day came and i was not nervous at all, lined up with a rather large group, including pro women and we were off, last year i blew up like a mail order doll. This year i tried to stay smooth and not implode, ended up in 10th place and satisfied, Abbot and Pilling killed it. Lyna took 5th in Sport women, 25 minutes faster than she thought we would go.

That evening we went and hung out with the Sherwins, Fox, Sager, Swatch and Craig, we witnessed Fox's dare, here is a photo from the start line of the Mesa he road to and climbed up in 19 minutes for 160 bucks.

Afterwards was Dinner at Don Pedro's with 15 of us, followed by a Red Rock party at Danny's

Sunday we all hit Gould, Jem, Hurricane rim and had a good time before driving home.

Below are some more photos.

There were a lot of Kids Racing, awesome

Speaking of Kids, Keating's were restless

Keating tells 1/2 of thin and thinner how to rip the DH

I like to call this one- 'Flatulent Sherwin'

The gang watches Fox scale a Mesa

Chris Sherwin looking for his innocence

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