Friday, March 30, 2007

I likey the desert in March

It was only like 75 degrees, but it felt like 100. Arrived on Thursday, 1st bike box experience went well, BP and i pre rode the XC and TT course, I hit a tire burping, air escaping hole on a DH went over the bars and landed on my feet, good times.

Hung out with Fox and Kathy S on Thursday evening. Slept well and got ready for the TT this am.

Had a good time, got some pro podium pics, but my craptop won't upload them. Fox took 10th semi-pro, BP won expert 35-39 I took 7th, had fun, didn't crash and was happy with my time on a course that absolutely does not suite my skills, HR average was high.

So already twice this weekend I have had some pro chick come up to me a be all like, 'Hey, how's it going?' 1st, Mary M on Thursday and Georgia today right before the awards. Kathy, Fox and I assume it is because they think I am Pepe. Nope, I don't have a blowout valve.

Here is the elevation vs. heartrate prfile, mmmm good times

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Utah Mnt biker said...

I'd hate be mistaken for Pepe. What an ugly mistake!