Saturday, March 24, 2007

Big Hours

Yep, great weather means big hours. First off big props to Sluribslyhusla for his win at the off the grid race with rules, he probably made it look easy.

Today was 5.5 for me down to draper, shred some trails with team revo eat some hotdogs and then ride back home. The elevation profile as about 2 miles of descending missing, forgot to turn the Garmin on. There were about 20 of us total, nice turnout.

Leaving for Phoenix on Thursday. Hope to have fun and do well, unfortunately Thumbs McGee hurt himself shredding the shoreline and will be a spectator.

Got over 13 hours in for the week, the powertap i installed on the road bike and now I have way more info than i will ever need at my disposal. It may not make me faster, but it will tell me lots of stuff.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

looks like fun but all i see pics of is everyone sittin around. i think you lied about the ride and just ate.

Anonymous said...

The thumb is a crucial opposing digit for riding a bike, buttoning shirts, holding, squeezing, opening, throwing, etc. I'm in pitsville but i'll be joining you and the gang in PHX on Fri.