Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stop Yer Bitchin and Take action

So, Monday was supposed to be a 'day off' weather was way too good, so i went to ride emigration, nothing like the big ring up emigration for recovery. Must be feeling stronger. Afterwards I watched Emmanuel's Gift. What a story that is, give until it hurts and then give some more. This guy is an inspiration. You think you have something to complain about, to sit at home and whine and pine away that life is treating you poorly. Stop bitching, start moving in a positive direction. Life is what YOU make of it.

So, Tuesday was mad weight at the gym, while BZ was reuniting with Climbum. Slept really good that night, Wednesday night was close to 3 hours on the shoreline, with some efforts thrown in for fun. Tonight i will do the big ring emigration recovery ride.

2 weeks till NMBS #1 in Fountains Hills, I will be flying with bike for the first time, luckily it is a non stop, and I know mechanics that will be at the race, in case i foul things up on the rebuild.

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