Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wednesday sureality

Left the house, locked the door walked to the car and realized I did not have my keys, climbed up on the trash can, opened the Kitchen sink window, looked around, crawled in, bounced over the dying dishes and bumped into the pots on the pot rack hanging from the ceiling, some how made it through without getting my pressed shirt wrinkled or dirty. Or as my boss said, even though I put myself in the position to break any number of bones, get knocked out by falling pots and get arrested, I came through unscathed, oh yeah, I locked the window behind me.

Came home kitted up and went for a ride, surprised i didn't see utrider, cause i headed up emigration oaks for some efforts. Not only does Bart do that every day, he does it with a backpack.

After dinner, i went to Wild Oats for some expensive groceries and while there i saw they were selling my sister. I am not sure how she would like it if she knew that while she was sunning herself in Italy, she was being undersold in Utah.

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