Friday, March 16, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

BZ is supposed to meet me at 5:10, to ride the shoreline, I run into Sahwn and Blake lets us know he will be late, Shawn and I decide to head up City Creek, we had some full on Sluribhuslafox Kismit action. Blake lets us know he is out, then we run into Rich A. who was headed down City Creek on his post work shred, then at the top of city creek we run into Contender Reed and Jerry (formerly of St. George) B. We then go down and back up Dry creek, I turn around again at the top of Bob Sled, Almost get killed by some big guy on a Santa Cruz, then I see Krachty and gang at the top of dry creek, Santa Cruz guy comes huffing and puffing up to is at full speed. I head down and see Karen I. who tells me Santa Cruz guy almost killed her, but she held her ground and sent him into the creek bed, Et tu Brute?

So much for the emigration recovery ride. Another 2.75 on dirt, after work, in March, sweet.


MtbAllDay said...

So how did I miss you you coming back? I saw Shawn.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

moab is a cover for the rmr domination tomorrow. i saw jerry rippin down into city creek, but thats all.

Anonymous said...

always good to take advice from those you trust. When everyone is around, we need to get a pack of MTB racers and go skid up some corners.