Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dry Dirt Found

Rich, Brad and I had big plans to hit 5 mile for some good riding, the early morning rain I woke up had me believing I would be doing a road ride and hoping for motivation to go more than 2 hours, went to the shop to get some arm warmers, Brad was there and convinced me (easily) that there would be dry trails in corner canyon and on south mountain. We met at the rodeo grounds and headed up, we did an out and back on some singletrack, followed by an out and back on a double track climb, we pretty much repeated that 3 or 4 times, we lost count, we headed back down to my car at around 3 hours to get my camelback, i left it in the car, cause I never wear one. we then headed west on the south mountain trails. Very little mud, a bit of snow, my average HR was not a problem, although i did spend some time in zone 5. 4 hours of riding and some good times.

I took a few pictures, but the lense was fogged up from the climbing, no bueno on the pics.

My garmin took a nap for a few miles halfway through and claims i climbed 2700 feet instantaneously. I think that couldn't happen.

I'm blow and going to bed.

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