Monday, January 01, 2007

Southern Utah Whirlwind

Headed to Saint George Thursday after work with BZ and Swatch. The drive down was uneventful until abotu 50 miles north of Beaver, it took us over an hour to get that far. Finally made it to Saint George and the sweet condo Swatch set up for us.

Friday was a ride from the condo, to the race course, down the barrel trail, down the Bear Claw Poppy trail (with 20mph tailwinds) then back to the condo . Fox came with us and got some photos.

Swatch some how got 3 guys to go see a chick flick, on the premise it was a comedy. Oh dear lord is all I can say.

Saturday the plan was to do Goulds/Jem/Hurricane rim, We were to meet Newby, Larson and sons, BZ and Fox were going to ride out, we got bout an hour delay on the start and when Swatch and I made it to the trailhead there were 50mph winds, the Larson's had already gone, we went and picked BZ and Fox up, met up with Bucky and headed out to Little Creek, wel we got close to little creek and it was way too cold, so we drove back to Santa Clara, met up with Danny and did the Barrel Roll Trail. It was a blast, reminded me of cottonwood in Vegas, desert singletrack with a few techy areas, 1.5 hours later and everyone but me and Danny went for the Stucki connect. I went back to the Condo for relaxation and more importantly, Food.

Sunday we woke up kind of early, cleaned up the condo, and headed out to Gooseberry, met up with Doug Rock, Vegas Brad, Morgan Harris and a crap load of Loganites. Rolled around and played for a few hours, riding the Hard Tail on Gooseberry works a body good. I do love that place for sure. We ate some sandwiches and drove back to SLC for New Years eve. It was a great time.

Here is a video short of Fox's Golf ball score taken during an Evening With the Godfather interview

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