Tuesday, December 26, 2006

End of year

I am a sheep I will follow, well maybe I am more like cattle. I am keeping it bike related though. my life is surrounded by bikes and bike people. It helps keep me sane after crappy days/weeks at work. It keeps me healthy and fit, it keeps me smiling, and crap, somehow I have gotten kind of good at it. Before the best of, I want to thank some people.

Lyna- She has put up with me and my 'hobby' for years, she has embraced it, only to have school remove it from her, without her I could not do it., thank goodness school is over and she can ride/race again.

Brad P and Rich A. - Teammates and competitors, we end up pushing each other to our limits race in and race out, only making us faster, Here is to many more years of it (except in 2008 ill be jumping to 40+, hurry up)

Happe - For giving the team what it needed to grow

Pilling and Larson - For continuing that.

Keating, Twitchie, and the rest of the shop - For keeping the bikes running, the dirty jokes flowing and the joy that this lifestyle is alive.

Ty - You bastard, I blame this obsession on you. Like 4 years ago you said, Bob, you should get a coach. Well I paid you back with a job in hell.

BZ - for letting us witness the Courtship of the Ford Cycling Team (at least a small part of it), for riding, rapping, texting, bbqing, etc...

Chad W.- For letting me pass you, occasionally.

Jen and Shannon - for waving every day as I rode past on 17th east and the bloodied knee warmer.

Warren - for assuring that the rest of us would never have a mechanical in 2006

Chad H. - for some awesome close battles in a few races. I especially like the uphill, switchback endo at Solitude.

Ed C. - Awesome MTB race series

Matt O - Awesome CX race series

Mark/Kip et al - Awesome weekday series

Team Revolution - another year of greatness

The Sherwin's - For taking me to the ER, for making me laugh, for giving us the inside view of a top pro and her bitch.

Too many others to mention, i could go on and on, but on the the best of 2006,

Best MTB Race of 2006:
Have to go with Solitude, I took third behind Zenger and Fox. I love that course.

Best CX Race of the year:
UtahCX race #2 Ogden, the first race was a climbers course, so my result there was good, but 3rd on a flat course was awesome.

Best Race I Didn't race in:
Utah CX #8, Watching Lyna take 2nd and Kracht take 3rd was a blast.

Best Race Road trip:
Jackson Hole, without a doubt, BZ, Jones, Sue, Chad, Warren, nice condo, 2 days, 3 races, Wind cave hike, all around good times (except for Sue's collarbone)

Best non-race, non-bike trip:
Toss up between dad's 70th B-day ad Todd's wedding in Gig Harbor, Wa.

Best Overall moment with Lyna:
Toss up between her finish at thee100 50 miler/ Her finish at the Deer Valley Marathon or her face when she saw her Xmas present.
How awesome is it that she is as painfully obsessed with the same 'hobby' that I am?

Saddest moment:
When BP called and let me know about Stan's passing, so young, so full of life. It is with me almost every day.

Best Race Venue:
I'm going to have to say that Brian Head is my favorite, at this point 2007 looks to be a void in the Brian Head fun I have had for the last 6 years, a shame, i love that place.

Worst Race Venue:
I have to admit that the Thanksgiving Point Race course was evil, flat, horribly flat, windy, dusty, ouch. Thank goodness the 2007 Stan Crane Memorial race is in corner Canyon.

Heading to Saint George this weekend to ride dirt and stay dry, have a Gluckliche Neue Jahr.

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