Sunday, December 10, 2006

Final CX race

Utah CX series ended yesterday in Ogden. I was a spectator again. Lyna had a good race going in a group of 4 women a few seconds behind the leader, she was looking strong and then halfway through the race she had a little tree introduction, took her awhile to get back in the party, but she ended up 5th in the race and 3rd overall in the series. Team Revolution took the team championship for the 2nd year.

Spent the rest of the evening playing monopoly. I think we all cheated when we were younger, as we played for 3 hours, some had lots of properties, some had less, in the end it was only clear that Knapp had more money. I think we could of played for 12 hours and got nowhere. Muc better than video games.

Today went out for a nice 20 mile ride before the rain came. I have determined it is better to be a bit too warm on these easy rides than it is to be too cold.

Photo stolen from Wasmund

There was some shootin goin on at the venue (stolen from Wasmund)

Team Revolution took the team trophy for the second year straight. (stolen from Wasmund)

Team revolution gathered quite a large amount of hardware at the awards.

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