Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back to the grind

Well, back to Salt Lake City and Snow and work and the trainer in the basement. At least it should get to 47 Saturday and I can hit it on a road ride. My training feels like it is progressing quite well, The gym work is building strength and hopefully power. The first race needs to be one that I do not have too high of expectations for. Just ride my race and finish strong. It is so easy to go off like a bat out of hell and then blow up 1 lap in. This is very problematic for me, as I will not have done one set of intervals by that time, so my body will need a bit of warm up. This is a race to hand to the likes of Brian Jeppson, Southern Utah boy who has one most of the versions of the 1st race.

The good thing, I think, is that the Bull Elk aka The Deer Mouse aka THE CHAD, has moved on up to Semi-Pro, so no longer do I have to follow him around the course. He has been my doppleganger of sorts, 1 year he kills it in sport, then moves up, the next year I killed it in Sport thn moved up, well he has killed it in expert for some time, now it is my turn, of course there are all those other fasties in my category, but thaat is ok. I may move on up to Semi-Pro next year just for shits and giggles. God knows it does not make much sense, but hell it''ll be fun.

I am 'coaching' (in quotes cause i got no lisence officer) a friend this year, my coach tells me that it is good to do, as it will help me learn a lot about myself. I hope to help make him into a stronger rider and hope to help him reach his goals.

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