Monday, January 30, 2006

Ahh Southern Utah

Headed to Saint George this past weekend for 3 days of riding. Chose it over Moab, looks like that was a pretty decent choice.

Friday i rode a couple of easy laps of the race course. It was in good shape and it was fun to ride the technical sections. Lots of that trail that used to be single track are growing into double track, I'm quite sure it is related to OHV's. Before the ride, ran into Gregy and his wife, they were down for a few days. After the ride I did a bit of rock gathering for the xeriscaped yard. Good cross training as well.

I headed up to Springdale for Dinner with JV and his cronies (aka Peter Pan and the Lost Boys) They were a bit juiced.

Saturday I headed out with the Guthries/Specialized misfits. We drove to Littlefield, AZ. And did a 50 mile out and back. Check out the route here. Zoom out a bit. Good roads, little traffic.

Sunday met with a few friends and did the Stucki Springs to the Barrel trail to the Bearclaw Poppy. Lots of gigly fun out there.

Good times, good friends, good weather, I really need to get me a condo down there.

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