Monday, January 16, 2006

The Gym weirdos

So, I wanted to avoid this topic, but I need to get these things off my chest. The first person I have notied lately is the guy who comes in in his pimp sweatsuit and spends 75% of the 1.5 hours I am there staring at himself in the mirror, not once do I see him working out. I would call him a stalker, but h seems to be stalking himself. I don't kow if there is a law against that.

Next is the guy I have seen twice. Now he kind of weirds me out. Now something is telling this guy (who happens to be skinnier than me, a 145 pound climbing cyclist) that;
1. I need to wear this to the gym
2. It is normal to wear this to a gym
3. I look good in this
4. Everyone here thinks I look good in this.
I know there was a time that I would wear baggies over my lycra shorts, cause I was shy, well when in rome you know how the saying goes, but come on, this is a bit much. I have never seen anyone wear this outside of a wrestling match, or a ballet. And I know what Male balet dancers look like, and this guy is not one (My sister danced ballet for years and I dated the devil years ago and she danced ballet as well)

Th picture is not the guy, just what he was wearing. Google is awesome.

I wear baggie cotton old navy shorts to the gym with a t-shirt. The salt lake tribune had a nice article on gym etiquette a few weeks ago. My favorite line is " Wear appropriate apparel. Don't wear street clothes to the gym, and don't wear anything too skimpy. " Um, this guy must not of read that article, or maybe he did and he left his thong at home. Ewwwwwe.

The last gym weirdo, is not so much a weirdo, but an interesting occurence. There is always some female who has a questionable understanding of the above mentioned skimpy clause, she is usually on some aparatus that does not play well with short shorts and she is usually distracting my workout with things I don't need to see.

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