Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I love Utah, no, really, I do.

This may offend, upset or humor the masses, you have been warned.

So yesterday there was a press release about the 2006 Tour of Utah. This is a race i had planned on terain gup in Cat 4, yeah baby, I would of sandbaggged it, never do enough races to move to cat 3, but I can not do it since it conflicts with the Intermountaincup finals and Double points.

Well it is being sponsored by the LHM. It is great that the race was able to get that much support, however, a few people in Utah and in the rest of the world are unhappy with how Larry Miller reacted to finding out what Brokeback Mountain was about. I saw the movie, it was wonderful. I work in Larry's office tower, but not for him. I see him every day, I saw him slip on Ice 3 years ago and bust open his head and saw one of my co-workers, who lives an alternative lifestyle, come to his rescue. Maybe that bump on the head scrambled his sensibilities.

Well the Utah Cycling Associations list serv has lit up a bit about this. Worry aboiut bad press, threatened boycotts and some old fashioned bible thumpin homo-phobia. Here is a nice quote...

".....Further more
I agree with what he did due to the fact that the movie he took out was a
movie that although accepted by some was a movie that should not have been
made. People can choose there own lifestyles but why must the rest of us be
exposed to it? That movie is just as bad as the annual gay march in Salt
lake city! God made Adam and eve not and Adam and Steve! I rest my case"

Well damn, can't argue with that, Newt, I mean Alito, I mean Rove, I mean, oops too political?

But really, I mean the same theatre is showing the blood and guts of Tarentino's latest, It showed 40 year old virgin, it showed team america it is showing every other teen sex and drug and bad behavior movie, but not this one.

It is his choice, but I say he is a close-minded coward. I would not boycott the race, but i will not patronize any of his business'. And the Adam and Steve guy better not leave his blinders at home, he may be surprised.

If he refused to show Malcom X, you think he would get away with it? If he refused to show Ghandi? if he refused to show Harry Potter, for god's sake what if he refused to show King Kong, now that would be a travesty.

Consider the Tour of California's title sponsor, there has been an unending amount of bad press in the cycling world about this. I defend them.

I apologize, but I get a bit worked up. It is a struggle for promoters to get dollar support for events and we need to thank them for the work they do, we just run into a slippery slope when we have sponsors that could do harm to the image of cycling.

Again I will say that it is his right to not show the movie, I just think he is an idiot.

This is the state that, for reasons I can not figure out, whose NBC affiliate does not show Saturday Night Live. Now that show is not what it used to be, but it does make me laugh. Well atleast I can see it on Salt Lakes WB affiliate. How does this make sense?

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