Monday, January 02, 2006

Rain and Snow

New Years eve consiste of less stops than intended, Saw Alex as I thought I would. New years day Lyna and I headed up to Mountain Dell for the demo day. We took a short refresher lesson and Skated for about 2 hours, ouch is all I can say, that hurts, but we will be back next week.

Today we headed up to Solitude for an afternoon of Snowboarding. It was pouring rain in the valley, half way up the canyon it was hammering snow, the last mile to the parking lot took a bit extra time as I was trying to keep the Element out of the snow bank. Well we got 2 sweet runs in, freshies all over, soft turns and heavy snow, Lyna needed to try some other boots, while we were waiting for that, poof the power went out, lots of stuck skiers and boarders on all lifts, they got them started on Diesel, but only half speed and only every 5th chair, so we headed home. Oh well, we will probably start going to Brighton for 2 for 1 Friday nights from now on.

Hit the trainer for an hour tonight, ooh let me tell you, boy howdy is that some fun, uh huh.

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