Friday, January 06, 2006

Does USA Cycling even care about Mountain Biking?

So once again they have changed the schedule, the date and venue of the first race has been changed and they added another west coast race at a horrible venue. So that is 5 races west of Denver and 2 on the east coast, this does not even include the National Championships in Mammoth, Hmmm, last I checked the east coast has more people and the series east of the mississippi have more racers. This is the worst run organization I know of, It is ridiculous, I for one believe there needs to be a complete overhaul of the national series. I truely belive a National Race calendar type structure is an idea that many have. It is kind of a combination of the AMBC and the NCS. Pick the best run, highest attended races in say 8 different places, make them National Mountain Bike Race Calendar races and the Pro's will come. The local promoters have an easier time gathering support and grass roots racers, they also have a tendency to have race purses, which means there can be more UCI points available for the racers.

The NCS is a failure, there are more amateur racers at a local, non usa sanctioned mountain bike race than there are at NCS races, USACylcling needs to step outside of the Mountain west and embrace the rest of the country. 2006 6 of 8 races are in 3 states, California (3), Utah(2) and Colorado (1). This is ridiculous.

I am happy that 2 races are close by to me and the the championships are a days drive, but what about the midwesterners, the south easterners and the east coasters? I think it is time to start a grass roots initiative to take back the series and build it up again, it is in danger of disapearing.

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