Sunday, January 22, 2006

I ran in the snow

So, Saturday morning Lyna and I woke up real early, headed up to Park City for th eIce Bike race. It was to be my first ever ride on a single speed, in particular, the single speed Scalpel. It was cold, but we were prepared for that. The format was a time trial on a mile loop with a bit of climbing. Well pre-riding the first part made it seem rideable then BP came by and said the back side was not rideable at all. Great, Ty and I head off to the road for some warm up. The race starts and by that time even the first part was not rideable. So it was a 2 lap run with the bike, interspersed with about 50 yards of riding. I have no idea how I did, Lyna won Sport women, being the only one. She got a gift certificate, we also won a set of Bike tire chains for snow/ice riding and a big huge tub of accelerade. All in all it was fun, and exciting and an excuse to get outside and laugh at our selves. Adam was there, not sure how he did either.

Team Revolution is shaping up quite well. Should be a good year. Got some new sponsors and swag. The box full of Sigma swag showed up the other day. Now I have like 6 cyclo-computers that I don't use. Plus a pile that I need to distribute. Liz dropped off the Uniform design, similar to last year, but different. The Arm warmers are going to be sweet. Drew is killing it with the organization of the uniforms, delegation is sweet, last year I did almost everything, this year I got lots of help.

1.5 months till Saint George race, that will be fun. Today, it is 2 hours in the sunny cold valley of Salt Lake.


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