Saturday, January 14, 2006

Well it was cold....

Good week at work, if good equals cleaning up after the messes of prima dona's. Enought bout that.

Friday night Lyna and I headed up to Brighton for some Knuckle draggin. I was worried about it being cold and icy, well it was warm and sweet groomers. Nice for sweet carved turns. Fiday night, full moon and snowboarding, how rough is that?

Ty and I headed out for a 2.5 hour roadie adventure in and around Draper/Sandy/Dimple Dell. It was like 60 degrees out there. I have a picture of what I call the helmet scar. 2 hours or more after a ride I still have 2 'scars' on my every enlarging forehead. I is from the helmet and one is from the head sweat. I get similar 'scars' on my ankles from sock. That is just weird. If I find my cameras usb connection I'll post the evidence.

Next week is an Ice-Bike race up in Park City, I migth try it out, on a single speed Cannondale Scalple one of the guys at the shop has. Just for giggles.


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